Size: 1.6oz / 50mL
Description: Our Nookie Glaze is the oil your Nookie Hygiene Routine was missing. It is suitable for women of all ages. Our Nookie Glaze is made from food-grade plant essential oils to enhance the smoothness and the pleasure of your sexual life. There are no added perfumes or artificial fragrance. The light pHresh scent lasts throughout the day. The combination of oils in our Nookie Glaze are known to relieve yeast, BV and odor. Using this oil helps to keep the vagina moisturized and smelling great. It helps restore the pH of the vagina and is a great support for a healthy libido.
	Discontinue use if irritation occurs

	We are not doctors, these statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure conditions

	These statements have not been backed up by the FDA.

Ingredients: Pink Cookie Base, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavendar Essential Oil
How to use: Apply to finger and rub in and around vagina

Nookie Glaze